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Liudvika Leišytė & Uwe Wilkesmann

Organizing Academic Work in Higher Education

Teaching, learning, and identities

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Leišytė, L. & Wilkesmann, U. (Hrsg.). (2016). Organizing academic work in higher education: Teaching, learning, and identities. London: Routledge.

ISBN 978-1-13-890990-8

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Organizing Academic Work in Higher Education explores how managers influence teaching, learning and academic identities and how new initiatives in teaching and learning change the organizational structure of universities. By building on organizational studies and higher education studies literatures, Organizing Academic Work in Higher Education offers a unique perspective, presenting empirical evidence from different parts of the world. This edited collection provides a conceptual frame of organizational change in universities in the context of New Public Management reforms and links it to the core activities of teaching and learning.

Split into four main sections:

  • The University From The Organization Perspective,
  • Organizing Teaching,
  • Organizing and Learning, and
  • Organizing identities,

this book uses a strong international perspective to provide insights from three continents regarding the major differences in the relationships between the university as an organization and academics.

It contains highly pertinent, scientifically driven, case studies on the role and boundaries of managerial behaviour in universities. It supplies evidence-based knowledge on the effectiveness of management behaviour and tools to university managers and higher education policy makers worldwide. Academics who aspire to institutionalize their successful academic practices in certain university structures will find this book of particular value.

Organizing Academic Work in Higher Education will be a vital companion for academic interest in higher education management, transformation of universities, teaching, learning, academic work and identities. Bringing together the study of the organizational transformation in higher education with the study of teaching, learning and academic identity, Organizing Academic Work in Higher Education presents a unique cross-national and cross-regional comparative perspective.