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Prof. Dr. Jay R. Dee

Organizational Culture and the Transformation of Higher Education Institutions

Porträtfoto von Prof. Dr. Jay R. Dee © Jay R. Dee
Prof. Dr. Jay R. Dee (University of Massachusetts Boston, USA)

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As a set of values, beliefs, and normative expectations, organizational culture shapes decisions about the courses of action that higher education institutions should take. Decisions regarding the structure of academic work, the desired learning outcomes for students, and the level of engagement with external stakeholders are guided by the unique cultures of each higher education institution.

Ample evidence suggests that the cultures of higher education institutions are changing in the direction of corporatization, where the values of universities begin to resemble the cultures of for-profit companies. A shift in culture toward corporatization could displace the academic and social institution values that have historically shaped universities and thus bring to the surface tensions and disagreements about the fundamental purposes of higher education.

To understand this complex nexus between culture and change, Professor Dee provides a multi-level analysis that explains how organizational cultures change and how those changes in culture can transform colleges and universities. Based on case studies conducted at four regional public universities in the United States, Professor Dee offers an analytical framework for understanding how macro-level changes in the external environment (for example, new government policies, market competition, and emerging technologies) are linked to the culture-building practices of university managers and professors at the micro-level.

Jay R. Dee is Professor of Higher Education at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Jay's research frequently focuses on how organizational theories can inform leadership and management practices in higher education institutions. He has published on topics related to organizational learning, strategic change, and power dynamics and conflict in the academic workplace. A second area of Jay's research focuses on the academic profession. He has conducted studies of faculty turnover and strategies to improve faculty retention. Jay has also served as principal investigator on several grants that focus on promoting inclusive teaching and learning, as well as improving the quality of academic work life. He received his PhD from the University of Iowa.

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