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Inclusive Universities in a Globalized World

Banner: Thematic Issue: Inclusive Universities in a Globalized World © HdHf​/​TU Dortmund

Leišytė, L., Deem, R., & Tzanakou, C. (Eds.). (2021). Inclusive universities in a globalized world [Thematic issue]. Social Inclusion, 9(3).

The contributions in this thematic issue point to the multi-level as well as multi-faceted challenges and characteristics of inclusion in higher education in general and in universities in particular based on both student and academic points of view. They offer innovative conceptual ways of thinking as well as measuring inclusion. Further, they point out the importance of context in understanding the challenges of achieving equality and inclusion in universities through country-specific as well as cross-country comparisons of various aspects of diversity and inclusivity.

The editors hope that this thematic issue will inspire theoretical thinking, support practitioners, and encourage policy-making about more responsible ways of defining and fostering inclusive universities in a globalized world.

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