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"Hard" Scientists are actively involved in activities outside the university

In an interview on the portal of the Lithuanian public broadcaster, Lithuanian Radio and Television (LRT), Prof. Liudvika Leišytė discusses some of the findings of the co-authored article based on an international study of Academic Profession in the Knowledge Societies (APIKS).

In this interview she compares Lithuanian, Portuguese, Finnish and Slovenian academics' behaviour regarding the external activities across three generations. In addition she discusses the challenges of conducting the APIKS survey in Lithuania and provides recommendations for the policy makers how to promote academic engagement.

The interview is based on the article that appeared in the journal Higher Education Policy:
Peksen, S., Queirós, A., Flander, A., Leišytė, L., & Tenhunen, V. (2020). The determinants of external engagement of hard scientists: A study of generational and country differences in Europe.

LRT Interview