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From Collegiality to Managerialism in Lithuanian Higher Education

Želvys, R., Leišytė, L., Pekşen, S., Bružienė, R., & Rose, A.-L. (2021). From collegiality to managerialism in Lithuanian higher education. Acta Paedagogica Vilnensia, 46, 27-42.

The authors focus on the development and academics' perceptions of managerialism in Lithuanian higher education (HE). They systematically investigate historical changes in HE governance and policies in Lithuania and conduct an analysis of data collected through the APIKS Lithuania project survey of academics at Lithuanian public universities.

The authors find that Lithuanian HE policies shifted to a rather market-oriented paradigm. The survey results reveal that the majority of respondents perceive their university as highly managerial, which points out to high managerialism in practice in line with the policies. Based on their key findings, the authors discuss theoretical and practical implications.

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