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Reimagining university's organizational culture

Impact of Quality Assessment on Organizational Transformation of Universities

Project Description

The purpose of the research project is to study organizational transformation of universities, examine similarities and differences of "archetypes"[1], describe and compare internal quality assessment at universities and determine its impact on organizational development. The research will also explore how current university governance models ensure university autonomy and academic freedom and put forward the interests of key stakeholders. It will look at the theoretical framework of constructing university as an organization and its implementation in practice describing the shift from state-centered governance to self-governance, autonomy and academic freedom. As part of the theoretical framework three main aspects regarding construction of organizations: identity, hierarchy and rationality will be taken into account. (Brunsson and Sahlin, 2000)

The main research question is: What is the impact of internal quality assessment on organizational transformation of university? The sub-questions of the study are:

  1. What are the common characteristics of quality assurance systems in Germany and Georgia?
  2. What role does quality assessment and quality culture play in organizational development?
  3. How does internal quality assurance contribute to construction of identity, hierarchy and rationality in selected HEIs?[2]

The study will focus on German and Georgian universities. Both countries are members of the Bologna Process and represent an interesting merge of past and present higher education philosophies and policies. The study will examine different perspectives of stakeholders such as managers, academics, and administrative staff.

Project Period

11/2017 – 5/2018

Project Participants

Project host
The project was hosted by Prof. Liudvika Leišytė, Professor of Higher Education at zhb, TU Dortmund.

Project execution
Dr. Nino Kopaleishvili, visiting reseacher at the Professorship of Higher Education at zhb from November 2017 to May 2018.


Katholischer Akademischer Ausländer-Dienst (KAAD)


Kopaleishvili, N. (2018). Impact of quality assessment on organizational transformation of universities: Reimagining university's organizational culture (Discussion papers, 01-2018). Dortmund: Technische Universität, Zentrum für HochschulBildung.

[1] The term archetype is interpreted as "a configuration of the structures and processes of organizing according to a common orientation or 'interpretive scheme'" (De Boer, H.F., Enders, J. & Leisyte, L. (2007). Public sector reform in Dutch Higher Education: the organizational transformation of the university. Public Administration Vol. 85 (1), p. 32).

[2] Key aspects of an organization outlined by Brunsson and Sahlin (Brunsson, N. and K. Sahlin-Andersson. (2000). 'Constructing Organizations: The Example of Public Sector Reform.' , Organisation Studies, 21 , 4, pp. 721 -46).