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Poster presentation

Promoting Students' Competencies

Benjamin Schiller, PhD student at our chair, presents a poster on "Promoting students' competencies: University and industry jointly create and implement competence-oriented curricula in the case of cooperative study programs" at the conference of the DASCHE project (Development, Assessment and Validation of Social Competences in Higher Education) on February 28, 2020.

In the context of the poster presentation, a case study on competence development of students in dual study programmes will be presented. In this scenario, curricula are developed and implemented on the basis of a competence model that is obligatory for all stakeholders. This is done in a joint process between the university and the company. It is especially emphasized that the form of cooperation can contribute to the promotion of student competencies and that the development of social competencies in particular is closely linked to the goal of student employability.

Benjamin Schiller will also take part in the forum discussion What kind of social competences do we need?

DASCHE project conference, Warsaw, 2020