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Dr. Lina Zenkienė

Lina Zenkienė is a postdoctoral researcher at the Professorship of Higher Education since September 2021. She teaches at the Department of Business and Economics and conducts research on the interaction of higher education policy and practice.

Further information on Lina Zenkienė

Before joining the Professorship of Higher Education team, Dr. Lina Zenkienė was an Associate Dean at LCC International University in Klaipeda, Lithuania. She is an expert and evaluator in program development and transnational collaborative projects in tertiary education. In her field of expertise, she participated in international and national research and consultancy projects. Lina Zenkienė is an occasional peer reviewer for the Higher Education Policy studies journal.

To enhance her understanding of the interaction among higher education policy, theory and practice, Lina Zenkienė was engaged in various international and local training and research activities, e.g. at Stockholm School of Economics, University of Twente, Central European University. She visited a number of institutions, both academic and policy-making, tertiary and non-formal throughout Europe and North and Central America; participated and presented at higher education researchers’ and stakeholders’ venues. In her dissertation, Lina Zenkienė focused on the institutional work of quality in the context of cross-border collaborative engagements.

Lina Zenkienė holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from Ghent University, Belgium, School of Political and Social Sciences, Center for Higher Education Governance Ghent, a Master of Research in Management from the University of Bath, UK, a Master in Education in Higher Education Administration, Continuing and Adult Education from Rutgers University, USA, Graduate School of Education, and a Bachelor of Arts with an English major and Business Administration minor from LCC International University, Lithuania. She is an E. Muskie Freedom Support Act Fellow.

  • Higher education policy and practices,
  • university role in society,
  • organizational learning and change,
  • knowledge and practice transfer,
  • cross-border cooperation and quality of higher education,
  • institutional work.

Aligning higher education and vocational training with Klaipėda economic development strategy 2030 (contracted research project for Klaipeda ID and Klaipeda municipality).

Establishment of a model for international internships/traineeships for Lithuanian higher education lecturers, undergraduate and graduate students abroad (EU, EFTA and NATO countries) in resident companies and international organisations (a collaborative interuniversity project).

Publications and Conference Contributions