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Digital Divide and Divided Higher Education Marketing in Germany

Colorful sticky notes with various information about the ASA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting © HdHf​/​TU Dortmund

How effective and inclusive are marketing strategies for making study programmes attractive for study choice? This question will be answered by Sude Peksen at the roundtable session on "Communication, Information Technologies, and Media Sociology" at the ASA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting on 7 August.

In her talk, Sude Peksen presents recent findings of her doctoral project. She gives an overview of the status quo of the digitization trend at German higher education institutions, which she empirically examined using the example of marketing strategies for computer science programs.

Drawing on the literature on marketing in higher education, she focuses on the competitiveness of universities and the increasing use of digital channels to attract students. Thereby, she draws attention to the inclusion and strong demand to attract more female students for male-dominated study programs.

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